Balance your mental condition with bodywork:

In our modern society, more and more attention is given to mental health. This part of our well-being is gaining greater interest as many people are increasingly under pressure by internal and external factors. The mental part also needs rest and the inner dialogue can be interrupted at times.

Shiatsu brings balance to the body: when there is balance there is relief from physical pain. Along with this comes the release of mental and emotional tensions. During the Shiatsu treatments we bring your focus from the mental to the physical. People are becoming aware that they have a body and we offer them a moment of rest from their constant stream of thoughts. We go from a thinking to a feeling mode and this is completely new for many people, since they have never really learned it at home or at school. The entire environment in which we grow up in our society is focused on the mental.

Medical acupuncture model of human on black background

A mental imbalance can lead to complaints such as sleeping problems, stress or worrying a lot. If they persist for a long time they can limit daily functioning, while also psychological problems can occur. Some common complaints are burnout, depression, anxiety disorders and alcohol abuse.

More and more therapists are aware that bodywork is an important part of supporting people and their transformation process. Bodywork, combined with acupuncture points, releases energy, emotions and tensions, which gives the person more self-confidence and allows them to observe things around them from a different point of view. Inner peace and strength help the person to return or stay more in their center.

Daniel Van Nerom – Shiatsu Therapist – Teacher