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CAMP has a few questions for Zenit Shiatsu

What does shiatsu mean to you ?

Shiatsu is a Japanese art, shiatsu is acupressure. It is a manual therapy that grew out of traditional oriental medicine and consists of acupuncture, herbs, Qi Gong, acupressure and massage. The Japanese Ministry of Health recognizes shiatsu as a treatment to improve and maintain health, treat specific issues, and correct internal energetic imbalances. Pressing with the thumbs on the tsubos, the energy points on the meridians, is part of the treatment, as well as relaxing the body from tension with stretching and pressure. The meridians are the energetic channels that are connected to our organs.

We support the person physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

How would you name this practice in a few words?

Letting go
Awareness of the body
Balance energy

How did you discover shiatsu? And what is your personal experience with shiatsu ?

Shiatsu came into my path ten years ago through my aunt Magdalena. During that period of my life I had an intense job and I needed a lot of relaxation in my spare time. Magdalena had an acquaintance who had a shiatsu school and practice close to her home. A first session with that lady was so good and my body felt completely different. After being asked some questions, I lay down on a futon, a Japanese mat, wearing comfortable clothes. Then I decided to receive more sessions closer to home in Brussels and I contacted a shiatsu master, Bart Dierick. I could see a boost of energy and changes in my being during the sessions and even the days and weeks after that. After each session I felt so many improvements and that is why I decided to follow a professional shiatsu training of almost 4 years.

Those acupressure sessions had and still have an impact on my life. The first moments after a shiatsu session I had a hard time believing what had happened to me. I was no longer the same man before and after the sessions. Those shiatsu sessions made me understand and especially made me feel that body therapy can be very profound and beneficial.

What inspired you to continue with this and make it your own profession?

Shiatsu treatments have an immediate effect on the body. You can explain it as well as possible, but the feeling is everything. It is the same with new people who come by, convinced by people who have tried it before. I was so positive that my interest was enormous to go deeper into the matter. Today 10 years later I am still learning about acupressure with shiatsu masters and I go deeper into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Near my shiatsu cabinet for individual sessions I also organize several workshops per season and I offer introductions to shiatsu, practice and theory courses. In my spare time I give weekly energetic relaxation sessions in a group.

How has shiatsu changed your life and what does it bring to you?
In terms of my health:

The shiatsu sessions and the training brought me more attention to and higher awareness of my body and the inner world. Our attention is always outside the body because we have learned it that way at school and through our education at home.

For many years I took medication for skin problems without noticing any difference. The symptoms were only suppressed. I also had chronic sinusitis problems since my childhood.
Through the shiatsu sessions, attention shifted from the symptoms to the causes, which is the Eastern view. The symptoms disappeared when I had processed the great grief from the past and also by working on the lung and colon meridians, and all this with deeper breathing techniques and  nutrition adapted to the 5 elements. My symptoms are gone! In the meantime, I have been clearing the liver that had been disturbed by all the chemicals from the medication for years. Acupressure along with acupuncture were the keys to success. What a relief! I wish it to everyone and that is why I am fully committed to helping so many other people with emotions and tensions in their body.

Your body tells your the truth. Listening to it helps you so much more ! 

In my career:

Coming into contact with shiatsu has brought my career a big switch. From an ICT job as a project coordinator to a shiatsu practitioner and teacher. First I did it for a long time as a secondary occupation and then I opted to go for it as the main occupation. Today I have been active in the fascinating shiatsu world for almost 10 years. I have replaced the network components and computers that connect to each other with human contact and I work now with the energy of people. People will remember what you make them feel forever and they are so grateful for that.

Why invite the readers to discover this practice ?

From my own experience and from the testimonials of many other people, who I have been able to guide for relaxation and release from tensions and emotions, I can really recommend shiatsu as a complete preventive treatment. Shiatsu brings you closer to yourself. Shiatsu changes your perception of yourself and the relationships around you. You can feel peace, inner strength and joy when the heart energy is addressed. The nervous system calms down, the immune system is boosted and the self-healing capacity is stimulated.

You are welcome to the shiatsu practice.

Daniel Van Nerom – Shiatsu therapist – teacher