Initiation Shiatsu

Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure and a holistic approach with techniques based on the principals of the Traditional Chinese medicine. We will press on our meridians, the energetic channels in our body. We will do stretching exercises, rotations to create space, release tensions and relax our body.

The purpose of Shiatsu is to feel and have a balance between the fundamental aspects of our being ; the energetic, the mental, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual.

Shiatsu helps you relax, de-stresses and reduces fear, it’s harmonizing the energy for a good flow.

The program of this initiation course

For this introductory course which is mainly based on practice, the teaching focus is on the positioning of the student during practise. On working from the hara (energy centre) and becoming more conscious of our body.We will learn together a kata – sequence of movements that you can practice on our shiatsu partner.

Purpose of this course

A moment of doing energetic work together, relaxing our body and sharing all together information. Letting flow the energy for a balanced life.

This course is a first introduction to relaxation Shiatsu. Afterwards you can practise Shiatsu home with family, friends and fellow students.

Acquire the theoretical foundations of Shiatsu

– History of Shiatsu
– Concept of Yin & Yang
– What is KI and which sources of energy do we have ?
– A short introduction of the 5 elements in the Traditional Chinese medicine TCM

The practise

Learning a kata from the hara, the energetic centre. Learning the right position therefore is important. We work in couples after a demonstration of the teacher. After observation of the demo, the student receives and gives, a good balance. Being conscious of the pressure on the meridians on your body, bringing the body in a state of rest.

Course organization

– We start with Do-in & makko-ho exercises to help focusing and prepare for the energetic work
– Demonstration of basic relaxation Shiatsu techniques, feeling and exchange with shiatsu partner

– Practical work from our hara center
– Meditation – finding balance

Practical information :

When : Saturday 4 may 2019 from 1 to 6pm

Where :

Price for this initiation Shiatsu afternoon is 80 € taxes inc, syllabus, water and herb tea included

What to bring with you ? relaxed clothes, a blanket and a pen

No prior knowledge is required for this course !

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Daniel Van Nerom – Shiatsu Therapist/Teacher