What is shiatsu? Shiatsu is Japanese art and based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is an acupressure technique, a manual treatment by rhythmic pressure on the body. It is also energetic and harmonizing work between the donor and the recipient. In Japan, shiatsu is recognized by the Ministry of Health as preventive medicine. It is based on energetics and the work of the meridians and acupuncture points without using the needle. On the other hand, shiatsu uses as a tool the thumbs, palms of the hands, knees, elbows and especially the hara (energy center) to exert pressure on the energy channels.

Our treatments are fully personalized according to a diagnosis based on the observation and study of the 5 oriental elements (movements). These elements are Earth (stomach, spleen and pancreas), Metal (lungs and large intestine), Water (kidneys and bladder), Wood (liver and gall bladder) and Fire (heart, small intestine, pericardium, triple warmer). During treatment, our goal is to harmonize these elements to ensure a harmonious flow of our energy.

There are different levels of shiatsu treatments. The first level is always relaxation, but more profound treatments also exist, such as revitalization, regeneration, structural shiatsu and Emo shiatsu treatments. All this according to your feelings, experiences and needs.

Relaxing shiatsu

Relaxing shiatsu releases bodily tensions and emotions. With shiatsu, we work on the nervous system, which generates deep relaxation, strengthens the immune system and stimulates our capacity for self-healing. Breathing becomes calm and deep, the flow of energy improves. This is a time devoted to yourself, when you become more aware of your own body. This relaxing shiatsu is ideal for managing physical or mental stress, periods of fatigue, insomnia and excessive mental activity.

Revitalizing shiatsu

Revitalizing shiatsu is ideal in cases of fatigue, depression, lack of energy, exhaustion or burnout. It accompanies menstrual problems, migraines, digestive problems, allergies, asthma and respiratory problems, intestinal disorders, stomach aches, joint and muscle pain, high blood pressure. The revitalizing shiatsu brings an energy balance at the level of your organs and your meridians. The energy flows harmoniously and your ailments subside. Regenerating shiatsu With regenerating shiatsu, we look for the sources of ailments and work on a deeper level. We decode, reprogram, tone body signals and calm or tonify the organs. We allow ourselves to let go of our symptoms, old values, beliefs and bad habits so that we can transform ourselves. Together we strengthen your qi (life energy).


We are all psychically vulnerable and are sometimes confronted with emotions that go beyond us… Anger, fear, sorrow, excitement… These are the emotions that you can welcome and be fully present with. Emotion is an energetic charge that is stored in the body. Emotions that are left untreated freeze in the physical body. An emotion like pain in the body demands your full attention and full awareness. With shiatsu, we open specific tsubos (energy points) to loosen, transform, feel and express emotions.

Structural shiatsu

With structural shiatsu, we improve and support your posture, which often accumulates blockages and deformities due to bad postures, tensions and emotions. This shiatsu is good for the back, neck, pelvis, limbs and shoulder problems. Tensions and illnesses invite us to change something in our life. Emotional and physical blockages are messages from our body that it is up to us to decode. We can come back to our body and let the energy flow.

To summarize

We exert deep pressure to remove energy blockages (energy)
We feel the energetic level of the organs (energetic)
We release emotions with the person and by providing deep (emotional) support
We work with voice, breathing and vibrations (energetic, physical, emotional)
We listen to your experience with all our attention (mental)

Body work is important The goal is to create greater awareness of your body The treatments are carried out on a futon (Japanese mattress) in a safe, caring and energetic environment. During the treatment, you wear loose and comfortable clothes.

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