Welcome to Zenit Shiatsu

Zenit Shiatsu is a place of serenity where you can feel at home. We welcome you there for an individual, relaxing and therapeutic shiatsu. But we also offer thematic workshops according to the energetic seasons, which consist of a day of relaxation in the heart of nature to recharge and regain your inner strength.

Rest, relaxation and precious moments to find the vital breath. Sometimes in our lives we need to share, talk to someone or have mental, physical and energetic support. By opening up to others, you are giving them a signal and can receive the help you need to become a stronger person, a person in harmony, with the necessary tools to fully experience all stages of your life. Reconnect with your body to properly perceive its signals.

Reconnecting with nature and the seasons brings us in balance. Rest, relaxation and moments to catch your breath.

Our main goal is to support your well-being. You are welcome to experience an individual session or join our workshops.

Daniel Van Nerom
Shiatsu therapist – teacher
Zenit Shaitsu